Sunday, November 28, 2010

American golf course worker hit by tee shot, dies

SANFORD, Florida (AP)—A maintenance worker at a central Florida country club has been struck dead by a golfer’s tee shot.
Police say Maurice Hayden was pulling weeds near a tree at the Mayfair Country Club in Sanford on Wednesday when he was struck in the temple about 30 yards away.
The 42-year-old man was taken to Central Florida Regional Hospital. Police say he died Thursday after being removed from life support.
Police say the shot was an accident and that the golfer will not face charges.

Brings back memories of another tragedy that happened in Malaysia in the 90's when a young lawyer lost his life while practicing in the driving range in Bukit Jalil Golf club. This is a PLEA to all golfers out there, PLEASE take care and be aware of new comers and also Kids in the driving range area's. Please follow all rules and etiquette on and off the course especially in the practice area. Apple iPod touch 8 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODELApple iPod touch 8 GB (4th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tiger Woods

There have been many things that are in net about the last year about tiger, Bad year! etc etc etc... whatever it may be. What is done is done! My Advice to him would be, Just treat it like a shot that went out of bounds. Can't do anything about what happened. Call it as it is and Play the next shot, and if anyone has anything to say about it, its up to them...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Long weekend in Malaysia

Hi everyone!

Every long weekend the courses are packed in KL. I made the mistake of taking out some beginners on the golf course last thursday and we took 3 hours to finish 9 holes. Had to wait for every shot as the group in front was extremely slow. Even have time to take pictures!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Started to use this and its simply AMAzing!!!!!

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CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips restore balance, allowing our body's defenses to perform at their peak abilities and give the body renewed energy and stamina. In doing so, the best medicine for the body, the body’s own natural immune system, is working at capacity.
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A critical requirement for CieAura Chips to be effective is proper hydration - drink water. It is especially important for athletes, in particular, to continually consume water, while wearing the Chip. The only limit to cellular communication is hydration; consequently, by increasing cellular communication in the body by drinking water increases the effect of CieAura Holographic Chips.
Our Chips do not treat or cure any specific disease; they simply enable the body to function at a higher level of health.  When this type of natural healing environment is present, in many cases, the body is able to effectively repair and heal itself in many cases.  Naturally, individual results will vary depending upon numerous personal and environmental factors such as overall state of health, age, diet and so forth.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trengganu Masters 2010

Just finished my 1st tournament after a 3 year self exile form golf competitions. The course was a very interesting challenge. Bukit Besi ( Iron Hill) in Trengganu, I will be uploading some pictures on my next posting. Lots of wildlife there, Wild Boars are everywhere there and they even come up right next to you. Saw a whole family of the on our 1st day there, walking behind our room. Its a must go and play course, you don't need your driver most of the time, but beware, left and right always have either a hazard or OB's. Greens are not very big and please watch out for hole 8, its a par 5 but the green slopes from back to front, you do not ant to pass the flag and have a down hill putt. it will roll off the green.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Golf at UPM

I had a round of golf in UPM today. It was nice to see the course in a splendid condition, nice fairways, and quite challenging too. My only regret was i didn't bring along my camera for some pictures. Will plan to play there again within this week. If anyone wants to improve their game, this is one course you should practice on.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Testing new clubs

I will be using my new Nike VR irons today. Haven't changed my iorns for the last 3 years. May need to do some adjustments later. New wedges too, feels a little light, maybe i am getting stronger. Hmmmm anyway looking forward to the round today...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Golf at Danau

Mini Forest of different trees
This is a great finishing hole, medium length par 4 with a tricky green. I love to play and practice on this golf course, with all the greenery and the golf course itself makes you use all the clubs in the bag. Interesting thing when you look at the marks left by the wild boar, it doesn't dig for worms on the greens. Is the worms outside of the green more nutritious?? Hmmmm... interesting

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making money!

There are a lot of people out looking for an opportunity to earn some part time money, helps to pay for your golf right? I mean why not, if you could spend sometime online and make some extra cash. I don't think even Donald trump will say no to some extra $$$. These are some of the few i found, and yes one of them is mine...cheers

Why do most golfers slice the ball???

Majority of golfers slice the ball to the right. Every where you go you will this is true. Its one of the laws of the universe. Why this is true? Well i will take the wisdom of the late Jim Rohn. Don't spend too much time thinking why it so, Like why is the do certain things happen? Why is the rule 80/20.
Your energy should be spent on how you can handle it. Ask yourself this, what can i do to correct the mistake?
I could spend time writing about this but if you really want to correct the slice click on the link and you will find on of the answers
Click Here!

Monday, August 23, 2010

News for those looking to break 80

I found this very useful for golfer wanting to break 80. the magic number. click

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on this link and you will find it useful... cheers

Rahman putra!!!!

Ah! A brilliant course. Very nice and i haven't played there for more then 10 years. Really good to be back there. Course now very matured and still tricky. Ball placing off the fairway is an advantage, especially on the holes where you can't hit a driver off the tee.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Winner...but Dustin hits dirt?

Dustin Johnson turned his pencil upside down and began erasing his scorecard.
He'd already given one major championship away. He never got a chance to finish this one.
Johnson was knocked out of the playoff at the PGA Championship on Sunday after he was penalized two strokes for grounding his club in a bunker he didn't even realize existed. Instead of 71 to join Martin Kaymer and Bubba Watson in the three-hole playoff, he changed his score from a 5 to a 7 and signed for a 73 to tie for fifth.
"I don't know if I can describe it," said Johnson, who showered quickly and was on his way to the parking lot before Kaymer and Watson finished their first hole. "If it was up to me, I wouldn't have thought I was in a bunker. But it's not up to me."
It was the cruelest ruling at a major since Roberto de Vicenzo accidentally signed for a higher score at the 1968 Masters, and the victory went to Bob Goalby.
And it was yet another major heartbreak for Johnson.
The 26-year-old was the third-round leader at the U.S. Open, only to have a complete meltdown Sunday and shoot 82. It was the highest score in the U.S. Open by a 54-hole leader since Fred McLeod shot 83 at Chicago Golf Club in 1911. It was also Johnson's worst score as a professional.
He insisted he wouldn't let the collapse linger, and Pebble Beach seemed the furthest thing from his mind at Whistling Straits. When he curled in a 12-footer for birdie on the par-3 17th, he was the outright leader, less than a half-hour from redemption.
But his tee shot on 18 sailed into the gallery lining the right side of the fairway, landing in a small patch of sand that had been walked on, kicked and trampled by thousands of fans over the last week.
"Walking up and seeing the shot, never once did it cross my mind it was in a sand trap," Johnson said. "I just thought it was on a piece of dirt the crowd had trampled down. Never thought it was a sand trap. I looked at it a lot, never once thought it was a bunker."
Whistling Straits is designed to mimic an old-style links course, with more bunkers than you can count — literally. Anytime the grounds crew trims the fescue, another emerges. The PGA of America decided back in 2004 that every bunker is a hazard, no matter how many fans tromp through it, and players were reminded of it this week with a notice in the locker room.
Johnson never read it.
Neither, though, did many other players.
"Honestly, I don't think anyone reads the sheets," playing partner Nick Watney said. "I mean, we've played in hundreds of tournaments, we get a sheet every week."
Unaware he was in a bunker, Johnson grounded his club before hitting toward the green. He missed a par putt that would have given him the victory, and immediately turned his attention to the playoff with Watson and Kaymer.
But as he and Watney walked off the green, he was approached by rules official David Price. There was a problem, Price told them, Johnson might have grounded his club in a bunker.
"What bunker?" was Johnson's reaction.
Given the details, Johnson immediately said he had grounded his club.
"But I never thought it was in a bunker," Johnson said.
Though he never disputed he'd grounded the club, Johnson and Watney spent several minutes in the scoring trailer with rules officials and watched replays of the shot.
Finally, he grabbed his pencil and changed the scorecard.
"I think I'm going to a playoff," he said, "and I've got a two-stroke penalty."
Johnson was composed when he spoke to the media in the clubhouse, never once blaming officials. Or even questioning them. He'd violated a rule, no matter if he didn't realize it.
His lone consolation is that his finish earned him a spot on his first Ryder Cup team. But whenever he sees the Wanamaker Trophy from now, Johnson will know it could have — maybe should have — been his.
"Maybe a little bit," Johnson said when someone suggested the title was "stolen" from him. "But that's how it goes."
Back home in Malaysia there are many golfers who take things like rules for granted, never reading the local rules handed out to them, Be Warned...... better to be safe then sorry.... OUCH!!

So who is going to win the PGA??

There really isn't anything that should surprise you when you check the Saturday leaderboard at the PGA Championship and see Rory McIlroy near the top of it. Some youngsters have the potential to win major championships. Rory has the game to do so.
Someone asked U.S. Open champion Graeme McDowell earlier this year what surprised him the most about McIlroy's game, and he answered that the only surprising thing is he doesn't shoot 65 every time out. It makes sense. The guy has few flaws.
While he's only 21, McIlroy has some serious major experience, with most of it coming from that Jekyll and Hyde experiment at St. Andrews last month. A 63 to open, McIlroy shot 80 on Friday, and was on a steep climb north to get himself in third position when the final putts had dropped. Now, at Whistling Straits, the young Northern Irishman is there again, this time after 54 holes.
An opening 71 on Thursday was good, but it could have been a lot better if not for two double-bogeys on his card. Then, McIlroy turned it on, shooting a 4-under 68 on Friday and a 5-under 67 on a Saturday when most of the field was going low, ending at 10-under after three rounds.
If you want to know just how much confidence (and talent) young Rory has, just find a reply of his third shot on the 18th in the third round. A blocked five-iron second left him in the deep rough right of the green, but McIlroy calmly pitched it out, rolled it to a foot, and tapped in for par. Some people have that ability to close well, and most don't.
If he wins, it'll be the story of the year. Already a champion on the European and PGA Tours at such a young age, it is inevitable that one of these young talents will take down a major like Tiger Woods did in 1997. For a year that seems to be full of disappointing performances by the big names, Rory has a chance to change all that on Sunday.
My Pick to win.......

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Favourite wedges

• New V-Rev groove design to
conform to the new USGA/
R&A rules.
• Dual Sole design for versatility
in multiple conditions.
• The profile of the VR V-Rev
wedges are preferred and
played by many of Nike Golf’s
tour professionals.
• Constructed from feel enhancing
8620 carbon steel
(45% softer than 17-4 stainless).
• The VR V-Rev wedges are
available in satin chrome
and black satin. While the
black satin will rust over time,
many Tour players prefer this
finish because of its feel and
resistance to glare.
• Nike Crossline grips by
Lamkin Grips.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who do you think will win the 2010 USPGA Championships?

At the start its hard to pick a winner these days. Ernie looks good, but recently haven't been performing well under pressure. My pick at this moment is Bubba Watson. Long off the tee, and its time for him to win a big one.

Golfing during the fasting month

I truly love playing golf during the fasting month. Played golf yesterday and the golf course was all mine, hardly anyone on the course, as if i booked the entire course. Take advantage of this to practice more on the course then the driving range this month. If no one is looking, drop another ball to hit and practice. Play another shot if you are not satisfied with the one you played.
Here is a point to ponder. Next time you are at the range look at how many golfers who are out of shape?
Yesterday i counted, out of 20 people at the range 15 were overweight or had a huge belly. Interesting!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend training

Changing people's life's!!
My latest World Team member!! Janice i am proud of you... now you are a truly fully trained wellness coach...

Monday, August 9, 2010


How many of you have been told to keep your head down and look at the ball when striking the ball? Or this one " you topped it because you head came up!!" sound familiar?
Actually i don't believe in keeping the head still and looking at the ball when striking. To be honest i don't see the ball at all.

As i am new to blogging i will try to post one of my articles here... stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PGA Malaysia

Lately quite a few golfers asked me about our local PGA. Unfortunately I do not see any future in the PGA of malaysia, as long as the mentality of certain parties do not change. For the local professional tour to grow it is time to let a professional marketing body to run that part. Only then the sponsor will see value in the projects they support and in turn will be willing to pump in more prize money.
The PGA itself should be focusing on enhancing the teaching skills of the local pros. This area is far lacking in the local teaching arena. In the age of the internet, i believe that there are more amateurs now in Malaysia that are better informed the certain Pro's... look at who is reading this blog?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Overweight golfers!!

I was on the range today and 7 out of 10 golfers i see is out of shape and overweight. For those of you are using golf to try to lose weight remember this, golf is a moderate exercise. If you play with buggies you will not be burning a lot of calories.
 Averagely the golfers burn about 250cal (my estimate) for 18 holes playing with buggies. After golf what are you having for lunch? or dinner if you are playing in the evening? Chicken rice? Nasi Lemak?
A small nasi lemak is about 500cal, nasi goreng also the same, that's if they don't add the MSG and sauces. So! my question is how are you going to lose weight if there is more input then output?
Don't get me wrong, you should exercise! but you also have to watch what you are putting in your mouth.
Looks at the pro's, top players are very careful with what their body is getting. Imagine your body is like a formula 1 car, and you want to win the race, what kind of fuel are you going to use? Can you win with regular petrol? How about your engine oil?
So watch what you bite! if you want your ball to bite on the green.... if you need help in knowing what to eat, give me a call and i will be happy to give you a free evaluation.... cheers and happy golfing

Friday, July 30, 2010

Golf at Danau

Played 18 holes in UKM bangi ! love that course, it has nice greens. Some tough holes like the 1st, but also some easy ones like hole number 18 (easy par 5) All in all very nice all round course. My waterloo hole is still hole number 11. Can't seem to get it right on that hole. Next time will try without driver.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Playing golf in Malaysia

Before you decide where to play a round of golf, make sure you find out a little more details on the requirements first. Some clubs are private and may need a member to sign you in, but most clubs today are 'public' so you can just walk up to the counter pay and play.
there may be a minimum of 2 golfers per flight on weekdays and 3 golfers on weekends on some courses. Best way to know is to call and ask the golf department, as some golf courses rent out the course to corporate for competitions from time to time. You do not want to show up ready to play only to fine out that the course is closed for a competition.
Handicap maybe also be required, depending on the course.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Breakfast and golf

Let’s examine the breakfast spread a typical clubhouse has on offer. Nasi lemak, roti canai, bihun goreng, nasi goreng, toast, white bread, baked beans, teh tarik, coffee and many other delicious local fare. Sounds yummy, does it not? There are also a significant number of golfers who skip these tantalising foods and go straight to the course.
With those two facts in mind, let us now see how breakfast can affect your performance on the golf course.

Case One
When you start a day with a carbohydrate-based breakfast, it causes an immediate rise in blood sugar, which results in a substantial emission of insulin. The insulin removes the sugar from your blood stream. The resulting decrease blood sugar (sugar crash can't control swing) triggers a thirst for more carbo-based foods. Ever wonder why you crave that cup of coffee with sugar or reach out for fried bananas at the halfway hut? Yes, you are looking for the sugar rush! The cycle triggered by a high carbohydrate-based breakfast often leads to a fluctuating cycle of up-and-down energy levels throughout your round.

Case Two
When you skip breakfast, the same cycle happens. Your blood sugar level drops below normal and you crave carbohydrate-based foods. The only thing different is that now you delay the process and get the sugar crash at the third hole instead of the fifth hole.

So what kind of a breakfast that is ideal
1 it must provide your body with hydration
2 give your body energy (protein base not carb)
3 gives your body all the nutrition it needs in a balance
4 maintain a normal blood sugar level

Contact me if you have any questions to what to have before you tee off
Happy golfing

Thursday, July 22, 2010

golf for starters

This is specially for those who are thinking of taking up golf but do not know where to start! 1st question is to ask your self why do i wan to play? 2 how serious am i going to be in the game? 3 do i have the time to do it?
Being a Professional Golf coach now for more then a decade ( feeling old!) i have seen many golfers come and go. Most common mistake beginners make is they go to a store and ask the sales personal there what to buy!
Come on guys!!!! some of these people do not even play the game ( in Malaysia i mean) , so how do they know what you need? Make sense!!
Come back to this site often and i will take you through what u need to do....