Friday, July 23, 2010

Breakfast and golf

Let’s examine the breakfast spread a typical clubhouse has on offer. Nasi lemak, roti canai, bihun goreng, nasi goreng, toast, white bread, baked beans, teh tarik, coffee and many other delicious local fare. Sounds yummy, does it not? There are also a significant number of golfers who skip these tantalising foods and go straight to the course.
With those two facts in mind, let us now see how breakfast can affect your performance on the golf course.

Case One
When you start a day with a carbohydrate-based breakfast, it causes an immediate rise in blood sugar, which results in a substantial emission of insulin. The insulin removes the sugar from your blood stream. The resulting decrease blood sugar (sugar crash can't control swing) triggers a thirst for more carbo-based foods. Ever wonder why you crave that cup of coffee with sugar or reach out for fried bananas at the halfway hut? Yes, you are looking for the sugar rush! The cycle triggered by a high carbohydrate-based breakfast often leads to a fluctuating cycle of up-and-down energy levels throughout your round.

Case Two
When you skip breakfast, the same cycle happens. Your blood sugar level drops below normal and you crave carbohydrate-based foods. The only thing different is that now you delay the process and get the sugar crash at the third hole instead of the fifth hole.

So what kind of a breakfast that is ideal
1 it must provide your body with hydration
2 give your body energy (protein base not carb)
3 gives your body all the nutrition it needs in a balance
4 maintain a normal blood sugar level

Contact me if you have any questions to what to have before you tee off
Happy golfing

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micys1976 said...

with the protein based breakfast, my swing become better compared with last time.