Saturday, July 31, 2010

Overweight golfers!!

I was on the range today and 7 out of 10 golfers i see is out of shape and overweight. For those of you are using golf to try to lose weight remember this, golf is a moderate exercise. If you play with buggies you will not be burning a lot of calories.
 Averagely the golfers burn about 250cal (my estimate) for 18 holes playing with buggies. After golf what are you having for lunch? or dinner if you are playing in the evening? Chicken rice? Nasi Lemak?
A small nasi lemak is about 500cal, nasi goreng also the same, that's if they don't add the MSG and sauces. So! my question is how are you going to lose weight if there is more input then output?
Don't get me wrong, you should exercise! but you also have to watch what you are putting in your mouth.
Looks at the pro's, top players are very careful with what their body is getting. Imagine your body is like a formula 1 car, and you want to win the race, what kind of fuel are you going to use? Can you win with regular petrol? How about your engine oil?
So watch what you bite! if you want your ball to bite on the green.... if you need help in knowing what to eat, give me a call and i will be happy to give you a free evaluation.... cheers and happy golfing

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